It was hard eniugh getting almost everything wrapped up before I left, thought it would be clear skies. Nope, here comes the turbulence.  Westjet an hour late, down graded to economy after paying for more leg room for 14 hiur flight. Good news was I put on my diplomatic hat and got Kate and I our own row, which lead to the row behind us empty, which lead to a most enjoyable 14 hour flight.  Sleeping sideways in the seats and having Kate over fir dinner  just bits of the fun.

The connection was 45min which was enough for us but not our luggage.  When we arrived in Kathmandu our luggage was still in Vancouver.  Things dont move as efficiently as Canada, no wait, its airplane luggage, around the world they can screw that one up. We were well taken care of by the baggage guy while fighting off a gang of gentlemen who wanted my spot, no matter where I was standing. I planted my feet, pushed back and was able to conclude my business. Kates photo to follow, 1000 words.

By the time we got to the hotel it was midnight and we had been traveling for over 24hrs. A short stand off with Kate and the check in clerk and we had 2 separate beds not one single, I didnt care as I had called big spoon.

We woke up 7 hrs later feeling okay and were off to breakfast. Gerry and Erik were in the lobby chatting with the friends they have made already. They showed us a lovely picture of us sleeping as we had forgot to lock our door.

They were rather excited to share their experiences and get downtown. To sit in their new favorite coffee shop and chill.

The Road to Kathmandu is littered with pot holes, no literally. The ride from the airport I figured was the traditional route that allows one to bleed into their kidneys for a good cleansing.  Nope, just trying to fix the old pot holes with new more strategically placed pot holes.

I have been to south east asia before and was aware of the method of driving, everyone for themselves. Kate was most surprised by the number of times we Did Not get into a head on collision.

The coffee shop was a good as it gets. Good vibe, good cappuccino,  good friends, with good talks. We walked around a bit and I noticed some of the similarities to my other travels. Photos to follow.

Met Iman the Nepalese riding Gerry and Erik had befriended.  He is the fi er and will get you a sim card for your phone, change money at a better rate than banks, or tear your legs off on a ride.

Lunch and then a massage where the slight women tried her hardest to tear my arms and legs off with a style that can be described as a blend of deep tissue and professional wrestling.

We headed back to the airport to get our luggage only to find I am fated To suffer like Sisyphus on the road to the airport. No luggage, going to arrive 9 hours before start of race.

Slept well, for 6 hours atleast. Blogging and off to coffee.